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Say “Hello” to Cannabis Talk by the Sea!

Cannabis Talk by the Sea is hosted by publisher Melinda Bie and editor Amy Marie Orozco and focuses on everyday lifestyle and advocacy.

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 1

00:00 / 36:05

Guests: Autumn Shelton, Co-Founder of Autumn Brands and President of CARP Growers

and Peter Dugre, Executive Director of CARP Growers

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 2

00:00 / 21:40

Guest: Stacy J. Shymansky, Founder and CEO, Medicine Women Health. Stacy is a Certified Medical Cannabis Expert (MCE) with Patients Out of Time, and a Consultant and Member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine (AACM). She is also an Affiliate Member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS), and is the Community Liaison for Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a national organization for Medical Cannabis patients based in Washington, DC.

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 3

00:00 / 24:59

Guest: Amy Steinfeld, Office Managing Partner, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck; Amy is a land use and water lawyer with a broad understanding of environmental issues and a passion for the cannabis industry

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 4

00:00 / 24:49

Guest: Eileen Gillen, DVM

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 5

00:00 / 29:11

Guest: Courtney Frazer,  Cannabis Consultant and Wellness Advocate creating Social Equity opportunities for Black and POC owned cannabis brands throughout the 805.

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 6

00:00 / 26:33

Guest: Seana-Marie Sesma,  Founder of Mary Jane Services Network, a curated network of service providers with expertise in commercial cannabis licensing and compliance. For more information, visit mjsn.biz.

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 7

00:00 / 29:50

Guest: Alex Robles, Founder of the “In My Grow Show”, a cannabis podcast dedicated to taking the mystery out of growing and using cannabis and hemp. Alex is also Co-Founder of GreenCoastRadio.com, a streaming radio station dedicated to great music and cannabis talk.

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 8

00:00 / 29:35

Guest: Sister Kate, Founder and Mother Superior of Sisters of the Valley. The mission of the Sisterhood is to get the most amount of plant-based medicine to the most amount of people around the world, while doing it in a manner that is aligned with their values of compassionate activism, spirituality and service. For more information and to purchase their CBD products, visit sistersofthevalley.org

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 9

00:00 / 29:35

Guests: Beth Thuna, Owner, Ericka Tutino, General Manager and Drea Griley, Community Outreach Liaison for Higher Purpose Cannabis dispensary in Port Hueneme. HPC’s higher purpose is built upon the principle that cannabis can help people feel better—and enjoy a better quality of life. To learn more visit 420hpc.com.


Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 10

00:00 / 29:35

Guest: Cheslea Sutula, CEO of Sespe Creek Collective in Ojai, CA.  Chelsea Sutula, has advocated for years on behalf of patients by speaking at city council and county supervisor meetings on the importance of safe access for medical patients. Prior to the passage of Prop 64, she traveled to Sacramento numerous times to lobby state leaders for sensible cannabis regulation. To learn more about Chelsea and Sespe Creek Collecitve visit sespe.org

Paul Sullivan_Headshot.jpg

Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 11

00:00 / 29:35

Guest: Compound Pharmacist, Paul Sullivan, founder of Theracream®, a line of CBD products designed to provide topical relief for everything from headaches and sports injuries to arthritis, sciatica, and psoriasis. The family business, daughters Shannon Ashamalla and Stephanie Sullivan are part of the team, is known for the highest quality standards and providing specific dosage formulas for a patient’s success. In addition to capsules or creams and lotions, Paul is well versed in creating tablets, oral thin film strips, suppositories, aerosols, tinctures, oils, patches, powders, liquids, or sprays. Plus he has training in in veterinary pharmacology, hospital pharmacy, dental products, sports nutrition, cannabis and hemp extract therapy, homeopathy, and skin care. You can learn more about Paul, the family business and purchase their products online at theracream.com.

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 12

00:00 / 29:35

Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 12

Guest: Dale Gieringer, PhD, Director of California NORML. Dale has been the state director of California NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) since 1987. He wrote his PhD dissertation at Stanford on Consumer Choice and FDA Drug Regulation. He was one of the original co-authors of California's medical marijuana initiative, Prop. 215, in 1996, and has co-sponsored and lobbied for other drug reform measures. He has published original research on medical marijuana, the history of marijuana and drug prohibition, the economic benefits of legalization, marijuana and driving safety, cannabis vaporization, CBD, and drug urinalysis. He is a founding member of the Drug Policy Forum of California. For more information and to donate, please visit canorml.org

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Cannabis Talk by the Sea, Episode 13

00:00 / 29:35

Guest: Maureen "Mo" McFadden.  In business since 1992, Maureen “Mo” McFadden is sole owner of McFadden & McFadden P.R. based in Santa Barbara. Mo has long been a cannabis supporter, starting with her early days working as an assistant to Tom Forcade, the editor and founder of pop-icon High Times magazine. After back surgery in 2016, she became even more of an advocate, as cannabis allowed her to wean off oxy-contin, which in turn aided in her quick recovery. All with the full support and encouragement of her surgeon. To learn more about Mo, visit mcfaddenpr.com